/ Pullets farms

/ Pullets farms

Producing chicken meat

Chicken meat is considered the people’s protein, not very expensive and always in demand.

Pullets farming requires expertise controlling temperature, feed quality and costs and veterinary conditions.

A pullet farm is only considered profitable when producing high quantity therefor the need for the correct infrastructure is crucial including the feed intake and the stressful output of the birds to the slaughterhouse.

Over the years we have built a few integrated projects including a feed mill and a slaughterhouse and our experience is at your service.

Good planning

saves you money

Herman Zemel Provides professional planning with long term vision for your project made by Israel´s leading professionals focusing on results prior to setting up the project.

As every project is custom made, we bring the equipment suppliers like machinery, irrigation, storage and post-harvest processing that are most relevant to your project reality, needs and budget and make sure to integrate them into a successful project.

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