/ Packing and processing

/ Packing and processing

Everybody everywhere is buying with their eyes

You can have the best farming activity but it is the packaging that your clients meet at the first contact with your product and it is there that they decide to purchase your product or not.

A manual or mechanized packing facility allows you to sort and pack your produce in a way that will stand out
Our packing facilities are equipped with a cold chamber(s) that allows you to keep the produce fresh until it goes on the road to your clients.

Good planning

saves you money

Herman Zemel Provides professional planning with long term vision for your project made by IsraelĀ“s leading professionals focusing on results prior to setting up the project.

As every project is custom made, we bring the equipment suppliers like machinery, irrigation, storage and post-harvest processing that are most relevant to your project reality, needs and budget and make sure to integrate them into a successful project.

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