/ Layers farms

/ Layers farms

Eggs will always be a top investment

Eggs are considered an easy and nutritious protein easy to produce, transport and conserve until consumption in comparison with milk / meat / fish that are more sensitive.

Layers hens’ operation can be is easy to create and maintain as long as the correct infrastructure is chosen according to the type of hen, local climate and regulations.

Over the years Herman Zemel company was involved in the construction of over a thousand henhouses of different types and objectives bringing out vast experience to the benefit of our clients.

Good planning

saves you money

Herman Zemel Provides professional planning with long term vision for your project made by Israel´s leading professionals focusing on results prior to setting up the project.

As every project is custom made, we bring the equipment suppliers like machinery, irrigation, storage and post-harvest processing that are most relevant to your project reality, needs and budget and make sure to integrate them into a successful project.

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