/ Open field irrigation

/ Open field irrigation

Your large-scale agriculture needs water

Open field Irrigation projects are used for developing large irrigation areas, that are commonly highly mechanized projects.

The most common crops including agro-export crops (Maize Sorghum, soybean, sunflower, grains and legumes).

The main systems used in these situations are Pivot Centers system sprinklers and water cannons.

The Irrigation method recommended for each project is depending on the crop or crops selected, the climate, type of soil and available water source.

We prepare the conceptual ENGINEERING, and later on the detailed individual project including intake works, pumping stations, piping, emitters and automation as well as SUPPLY of all components from the different suppliers and perfect IMPLEMENTATION of the system.

Good planning

saves you money

Herman Zemel Provides professional planning with long term vision for your project made by IsraelĀ“s leading professionals focusing on results prior to setting up the project.

As every project is custom made, we bring the equipment suppliers like machinery, irrigation, storage and post-harvest processing that are most relevant to your project reality, needs and budget and make sure to integrate them into a successful project.

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