/ Feed mill

/ Feed mill

The heart of your livestock activity is the feed

Whether you have a livestock activity of you want to engage your feed mill catering farmers in your area, it is well known that the feed is the most important ingredient of the successful farming activity.

A well planned Feed mill can provide best quality feed at low costs and make your business even more profitable.

Feed mills can be planned to adapt output to a variety of livestock: poultry, fish, cattle, hogs, sheep. Auxiliary feed mill equipment includes receiving and dehydrating silo for grains, direct from the field. Prepared feed can be packaged in sacks or bulk containers.

Good planning

saves you money

Herman Zemel Provides professional planning with long term vision for your project made by IsraelĀ“s leading professionals focusing on results prior to setting up the project.

As every project is custom made, we bring the equipment suppliers like machinery, irrigation, storage and post-harvest processing that are most relevant to your project reality, needs and budget and make sure to integrate them into a successful project.

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