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About us

Herman Zemel Projects” has a long history of carrying out large scale agriculture and livestock infrastructure for communities and for clients worldwide.

Our track record includes designing innovative projects with the capacity to fulfill local market needs, whilst considering local capabilities and the clients’ wishes. We combine cutting-edge Israeli agriculture technologies with long, extensive experience.

We oversee the full implementation of projects from design to turnkey; building facilities and infrastructure.


Our core principles

Since Herman Zemel’s entry into agricultural and engineering projects three decades ago, we have consistently upheld three core principles:







Our uncompromising approach to these three objectives is the reason behind Herman Zemel becoming an international leader in the planning and executing agricultural projects and agricultural processing centers.

We plan & Implement successful projects

We are a leading Multinational Corporation providing engineering solutions for planning and implementation of a diverse range of projects that focus on processing agricultural products establishing dairy and poultry farms, planning and installation of water systems, housing and office construction, and more.

Herman Zemel stands proudly behind dozens of varied agricultural projects throughout the world. For over two decades we have planned and executed a wide range of large scale complex engineering projects under varied field conditions, time frames and parameters.

Our leadership

Herman Zemel employs a full team of experts in diverse fields; engineers, work managers, supervisors and project leaders as well as specialized professionals. Our experts, of international reputation, vast experience, and unique areas of knowledge, enable us to fulfill any requirement professionally, efficiently and effectively.

Shuli Herman

Managing director & Co-Owner

Every project that we plan and build is a new and unique creation. It is a world unto itself with its own requirements, character, needs and budget. We are proud to share the experience of our past projects; our clients’ success was always our success. We share a path together.


Managing director & Co-Owner

Growing up on the farm, looking at my father’s hard work in the greenhouses, I had a dream. It is to help farmers around the world improve their lives. When I sit down to plan a new project, I first think about the farmers who will operate it and how we can help them to get great results.

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